Mississippi Skeet Shooting Association Registration

You are in the process of Pre-Registering for:
The 2018 Catfish Open
04/20/2018 - 04/22/2018

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In the list at the bottom of this page you can click on your NSSA Number link to view and edit the Squad Request after you have submitted it.

Please enter all the shooters you would like to shoot on your squad.
Enter shooters in preferred shooting order.  If you are not making a request for a full squad please enter shooters in the preferred position.
As an example if you prefer to shoot tail-gunner enter your shooter information into position P-5 of the form below.
NSSA numbers are required for pre-registration please use valid numbers. Valid numbers are at least 5 digits in length.
Please select the RV Requirement for each shooter. 

Position NSSA# First Name Lastname Events RV Spot Required?

All Available Events, 12-410, and Doubles are selected by default. If you only plan to shoot specific events please select the NO-EVENT in the drop down. For example "NO-DBL" if you do not plan to shoot the Doubles. 

Registration Requestor Email:

Quite simply a valid email of a point of contact about this squad request.  If a valid email is not present we have no way of contact in the event of registration problems.

Registration Requestor Phone:

Quite simply a valid Phone Number of a point of contact about this squad request.  If a valid email is not present we will use this phone number as a point of contact in the event of registration problems.

Main Event Rotation - Preference 1Preference 2Preference 3
Rotation Preference
Doubles Rotation - Doubles Preference 1Doubles Preference 2Doubles Preference 3
Doubles Rotation Preference

Upon completing the form click once on the Submit button Above.  Your form data will be submitted to the registration request database and a form will be generated to submit your deposit, if required, for the shoot.  Your tentative Squad and Position will be selected an you will be temporarily squadded until your deposit is received at which time your Registration will be finalized.  The Registration Requestor Email will be sent emails as each step of the Registration Process is completed.
Rotation Schedule
Rotation 12 Gauge 20 Gauge 28 Gauge 410
1 9:00 1:30 12:00 4:30
2 10:30 3:00 10:30 3:00
3 12:00 4:30 9:00 1:30

Doubles Rotation Schedule
Rotation Doubles
1 3:00
2 4:00
3 5:00



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The following shooters are already registered for this shoot:

In the list at the bottom of this page you can click on your NSSA Number link to view and edit the Squad Request after you have submitted it.

Alphabetical by Last Name 69 Shooters
NSSAFirst NameLast NameRVClub
136155BillAllen Jackson
155141JimboBearden Jackson
291889DavidBearden Jackson
44642T.dBerkes III Jackson
284912AndreaBeyer Jackson
158461LarryBlack Jackson
118800WaybornBowling Jackson
129220MikeBoyd Jackson
228182CaileBradham Jackson
232317MikeBrown Jackson
230284RandyBrownlee Jackson
128841JByrd Jackson
88090FrankCallahan Jackson
145754MarieCallahan Jackson
257720BrianCarter Jackson
86152AlanCotney Jackson
101401LarryDecker Jackson
134312William ADunkum50Jackson
163788KenFord Jackson
167631MikeGalloway Jackson
266054susangalloway Jackson
266053Lauragalloway Jackson
166084TroyGordon Jackson
91298FredGraff Jackson
284248michaelgrandin Jackson
262071BarrettGutter Jackson
141999ClarkHartness Jackson
153139RoosterHopper Jackson
163962JohnHowell Jackson
164070jameshowey Jackson
60827BenHulsey Jackson
136423RustyHyde Jackson
140211CurtisJames Jackson
97483RichardKarstetter Jackson
240054DAVIDLAMB Jackson
172824BobbyLord Jackson
144292BuckMatthews Jackson
154977KaroylMcCain Jackson
153189Mike miles Jackson
154560DavisMinton Jackson
259133EaslinMoore Jackson
95068TommyMoore Jackson
153404Alan Newton Jackson
270597Johnny Ordonne Jackson
131032DebbiePickens Jackson
229289wadequin Jackson
133958CharlesRichardson Jackson
167417GlennRickman Jackson
160045randallrushing Jackson
165087TomSelley Jackson
275125JessicaSimmerman Jackson
156553JeffSullivan Jackson
240599MattTyrone Jackson
286750JohnWilliams Jackson
104110Fast EddieWilson Jackson
237910JacobYoung Jackson
135081ToddYoung Jackson