Below are results for BRIAN SANDIDGE LONG BEACH , MS for shoots shot from 2014-11-01 to 2015-12-31.

Total 2015 MS Points: 0
Your Current HOA Average from shoots reported to NSSA is: 0.9363 for 2015
Giving you a potential total of 936 HOA Average Points:
Your Total 12 Gauge Targets are: 600 the Minimum Requirement is 700, requiring you to shoot 100 to reach the minimum requirement.
Your 2015 total points are: 0 Points until you have reached the Minimums
Shooter Shot 0 Shoots, Using all 0 as point shoots.

Total Points Top Eight Shoots : 0
Total HOA Average Points for this year : 936
The Shooter has NOT shot the MS Minimums so Points this year: 0